ANATOMIST has been writing and performing his own brand of distorted break-dub and sprained melodies since the late 90s. Mile-wide bass lines, brittle percussion and drunken beats combine with found sounds and multi-layered distortion to disorienting effect. He has been busting bass bins live around South Wales since the earliest incarnation of machine.records' Terminal nights and has played with everyone from Schnieder TM to Client.

November 2006 brought the long-awaited follow-up to ANATOMIST's 2004 debut album Violence Is Its own Reward in the form of the In Fading Light EP. The brand new tracks on In Fading Light saw the varied style of that earlier album reach full maturity, with spectacular results. Where Violence delighted in switching genre and style, these new tracks sit effortlessly in their own space, defining ANATOMIST's unique sound.

Over five tracks and more than half an hour's listening, trademark floor-shaking basslines, stripped down post-breakbeat rhythms, a hint of 'that' Bristol/London sound.

ANATOMIST's previous release, 2008's Dirt Famous EP, delved further into the dubstep sound. Deep, dark and thoroughly messed up, Dirt Famous is built from the bass up. Layering pulsing electro and hip hop influenced beats over endlessly decaying delays, intricate percussion and screaming feedback.

His last LP 'Ingrate' was released August 2009 and while the dubstep influence was still strong, there was a lot more thrown into the pot this time around. Bass is still the predominant force, backed up with the muscular drumming of krautrock, off kilter strings and King David melodies. As dusk turns to dark, then to dawn, a soundtrack unfolds, a hymn to the hazy lost weekends of urban summers and nostalgic nights out. Paranoid whimsy from broken machines.

Ingrate Reviews:
'Filthy, filthy dubstep' - machine.records.
'Thrillingly unsettling' Adam Walton - BBC Radio Wales.

Neil has also released material as METAHEAD (with techno DJ Paul Scheeres) on the 'Dim Apathi/No Apathy' compilation.

Dim Apathi Reviews:
Honk: Album of the Month, 'the cutting edge of the scene'
Western Mail: 'plenty to amuse and intrigue'
Buzz Magazine: 'untapped mine of quality music'

He has created dark soundtracks for the performance ensemble 'Infernal Triangle' at the ICA, London and has composed the soundtracks for several short films including 'Yo Yo Bubblegum' and 'Trailerpark'.

He does not mention the aerobics video soundtrack. Times were hard.

Ingrate - LP
Dirt Famous - EP
Inadmissable Evidence - Free Mini LP
In Fading Light - EP
Violence is its own reward - LP
Psy-Ops / Material Witness - Split EP